The Giving Pledge

In May of 2009, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, and David Rockefeller held a meeting of the world’s wealthiest people, all of whom are billionaires.
They held a second meeting in November.
Then a third in December.
The meetings grew into the biggest fundraising drive in history - encouraging the world’s wealthiest people to pledge the majority of their wealth to causes that address society’s most pressing problems.

"It was suggested that they can decide how much money they and their descendants need, and then figure out what to do with the rest of it.
Warren Buffet, although pledging 99% of his assets, noted that it won’t impact the lifestyles of him or his children. "
And, that many people give a greater proportion of their money, time, or talents to help others.

"When asked what people who don’t have much money can do, Ted Turner replied, “One thing they can do is pick up trash. That's what I do. We're in New York now and yesterday I walked around the block and I picked up trash and put it in the garbage”"

As of 2017, 173 of the very wealthy pledged the majority of their wealth.”
Many of them said that worth and satisfaction is not defined by dollars, but by helping others and improving the world.

For more information about their efforts to making the world a better place, see the website

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