The Purpose of This Website

Do you like working on crosswords, suduko, or other puzzles?
For many of us, completing them provides an intrinsic satisfaction.
And sometimes, we even design puzzles for no reason other than the pleasure of solving a them.
For example, one of my IPAD applications converts my photographs into jigsaw puzzles for me to put back together again.
And, on a global scale, people work together, setting up challenges then figuring out how to reach their goals.
As a consequence, as Bill Gates wrote, “By nearly every measure the world is a better place to live than every before.”
In his September 2017 blog, he wrote that armed with an understanding of how many challenges we have overcome so far, we’re inspired to do whatever we can to help solve today’s problems and prevent tomorrow’s.
One issue, as I see it, is that sometimes we’re so focused on the current problems, that we forget how bad it used to be. And how much progress has been made.
The purpose of this website is to provide examples of the trends toward a better world.
Progress helps me to feel optimistic about our future.
I hope it helps you to feel optimistic too.

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