Infant Mortality

Did you see the October 2017 UNICEF report about childhood mortality rates?
One of the ongoing UN goals has been to decrease the rate of childhood mortality, including infants who die before their first birthday.
Causes of death include birth complications, nutrition, and disease.
Prevention includes clean water, hygiene, breastfeeding, vaccinations, oral rehydration, and antibiotics.
By 1950, the number of deaths dropped to 14 out of 100 births.
In 2000, it was five.
In 2015, 3.5
And, the 2017 UNICEF report stated it had dropped almost another 1/2 % - to 3.05.
For every 14 babies that would have died in 1950, almost 11 were saved.
Almost ten million fewer babies died in 2016, than in 1950.
Reduced infant mortality is just one, of many, areas of progress towards a better world.

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